Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is process of generating traffic and sales through social media platforms. or else using social media platforms we can promote the product or services.

social media marketing can brodly use for communication purpose of private or public organizations.

Goals Which Are to be Achieve in Social Media Marketing

1.  Build Brand Awareness
2.  Building Market Share
3.  Boosting sales revenue from specific goods and services.
4.  Building awareness of and involvement in charitable or civic activities.
5.  Improving marketing return on investment.
6.  Improving customer relationships.

Risks And Fears of Using Social Media Platforms

1) Spy Activity

It is judicious to bear in mind of the risks that exploitation social media could do for AN organisation. 

In spite of the multiple advantages of connection web 2.0 applications, corporations act on the Internet got to shield themselves against virus attacks and doable spy activities.

2) Reputation Damage

Although a lot of and a lot of firms are  mistreatment social media so as to speak with their stakeholders, some organisations are still petrified of receiving feedback and being in public criticized on their own websites.

3) Release of Confidential Information

Organisations sometimes concern the risks of operational in such a broad context because the computer network. 

The release of important data are often originated, not solely from spy or viruses activities, however conjointly at intervals the organisation itself. particularly, corporations are  sometimes cautious that data may well be revealed by their workers if they allowed them to web log.