How to Optimize Your Landing Page For More Conversions Rate

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When we talk about increasing visitors we thing in mind for the landing page.

you tired and think about what my customers want to come to my site it is landing page.

if your site has a better user experience that visitors stay on your site for a long time. but you need to do A/B Testing for better conversion results.

1. Setup a Landing Page

if it is hard for you to figure out how to create a landing page just go for instapage.the best part about instapage is it provides a better value proposition you can do testing heatmap and various products are available and its cheaper.

Instapage Interface

amazing features about instapage is it come with a premade template and page builders which is easy to customize your landing can set up an email subscription form to your landing page. that increase your conversion rate up to 40%.

Your Website visitors are your real landing page experts why because it tells you how many conversions you get using analytics report.

2. Understand Your Landing Page

I have a question for you what is the purpose of the landing page?

Widely gaining more traffic I think it’s not a driving traffic its all about conversion.but how do you do it by understanding your landing page. see you need to have some tactics to get more conversion from landing page. you are selling products right or something it can be serviced. let say you have more traffic on your website no one buying from you what should you do?

check out your landing page and see where to be optimized to gain more sales. you can do heatmap it will tell you where the visitors are not clicking your landing page. observe it and do a better implementation.

Let’s Understand What are the major Problems Which Decrease Your Conversion Rates

  • Unclear Call To Action
  • Visual Distraction
  • Too Much Text
  • Asking For Too Much Information
  • To many choices

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Unclear Call To Action

Make sure your website visitors answers your question easily. instead of doing and spending time to decide what to do. as a result, the users get confused and frustrated and it will leave your page.

it’s necessary to have a simpler call to action text and redirection to understand visitors easily. suppose you have a homepage and the user goes to the filling form of your website.its easy to use to back to the homepage instead of going on another page that make lots of difference in conversion.

Visual Distraction

the visitors should be a focus on taking the simplest path that leads in a conversion action. I am not saying that visual images and videos that distract the users but it’s important that it is in a limited amount of quantity.but people doing more visualization that distract users from why they come for it.

instead of focusing on more visualization just make your page more simplest in visual that focusses on what the users want and what they do it.

Too Much Text

People hate reading more textually paragraph in blogs and you are putting to much text on a landing page you make more mistakes. because landing page describes what your site about and how it will benefit users.

much more text can decrease users stability to your website because someone visits to your site it will see ohhh lots of content is there and its will confused to find out anything that they come to your site.

Asking For Too Much Information

Not needed To ask More Information but peoples doing this its will create more will ask you garbage info that not make any sense.instead of doing this focusing on what information we needed.

if you are doing the same mistake it will leave users from our site. users do not want much more information to fill out it is boring and it’s true that way to focus on important information.

Too Many Choices

when someone visits your landing page, most people are in a hurry and do not have time, they don’t care much about your website, and they know little about your subject.

If visitors can’t find a way to easily get closer to their goal, they will simply leave.

Basics Of Conversion Improvement

For Improving conversion rate you need to focus on the following goals of web usability

  • Shorten visitors learning time
  • improve visitors satisfaction with your site
  • decrease the number of mistakes likely to be made by the visitor

when visitors come to your site from these visitors most of the visitors have enormous experience. hence you need to take consideration of this type of people and make some changes on the landing page.

Conversion Rate Optimization

the first goal is to make short learning time its make users happier.reason is that users not interested in listening to boring lectures, therefore, avoid long term learning time.

the second thing is to improve users satisfaction what does it mean?

Well, someone coming to your site and the user gets exactly what they want what happen user get satisfied.

here is one thing you need to do is don’t put to much content on a landing page that makes users get confused as I say on earlier. make sufficient content that users need it.

make a simple and better user experience landing page that avoids mistakes from the user.

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