How to Make a Website in 2019

This Guide is Useful to all the people who want to start a website and after reading this guide if you have any trouble to make a website you can contact to me, I will help you to make a website. I hope this Guide help you to make a website with yourself because i describe everything to build a website.

Why You Need a Website ?

Basically Every Business Owners and Single Person want to Grow there business.and its 2019 so all the people are moving towards a digital transformation.

The trends of digital moving users are increasing very very fast so you have to represent your business online you have to make your business globally and easier to your customers to reach to you for this you need a website.

How Much Cost required to Make a Website?

A website need of two things first one is Domain name and second one is Hosting. Domain name can be your business name or something else you want to give.

A domain name consist of various extension you can choose .com or .in or .net according to your choice. the .com domain is a top level domain i preferred to choose .com domain for your talking about the cost of website so for that you go to Godaddy or else you go to namecheap for buying a domain.

A domain on average basis will cost you 10$ if the website having a discount and promo codes then it may get lower the main part is Which Hosting you need to choose?

Hosting is basically a server where you locate your website data on to that server and host it on internet that user are visible to see your website. A better Hosting which gives a better User Experiance and faster access to your website for this you I recommend to you go for namecheap and siteground hosting this provides better hosting services.

this hosting cost of around  5$ on monthly basis this cost is  starter plan for shared hosting .if your website having heavy traffic you choose a VPS hosting for your website which cost you large than a shared hosting but i suggest you if you are a begineer then choose shared hosting.

Platforms For Making a Website

Making a Website in 2019 Which is Easier now as earlier because There is more platforms are available Over The Internet.if you want to go on Coding part then you need a knowledge about html,css and javascript.

Its better to Choose WordPress. Because WordPress Gives you lots of Features And Modification you can do this with a just  simple clicks.

So Over The Internet 40% of People are using WordPress i recommend you to go for wordpress.In this Guide We See step by step Setup for wordpress and how to make a website from this platform(wordpress).

Setuping a Website (Step By Step)

1. Registering a Domain Name

Registering a domain name is simple just go to any domiain providers like Godaddy or Namecheap.Just Search your domain name is available or not.after searching a domain name just select add to cart. if you dont create a account on it just create a account.after signup just go to checkout page which is added a domain name is display on checkout page.

Choose a Payment method that you want to pay out them.after paying them Congrats the domain name is registered successfully.

lets see step by step how to do this .

after add to card just click on Sign in button and create a account and sign up if you already have a account then if directly login the Godaddy account.

Now Complete the payment process with available options.

2. Setup a Hosting For Website

For Setuping a Hosting just go on Hosting providers sites here i give you a example of bluehost.and then just follow the steps as shown in figure.

select a plan as given in the hosting plan.after selecting a plan you need to add your existing domain to the hosting that check the domain ins available or not for transferring the domain.

they show it is added just go for the payment part and complete the payment update the nameservers as given by the hosting providers.that its you done the hosting setup.

3. Installing WordPress

Installing wordpress is very simple just click on the install wordpress button they will ask you select a domain name for the installtion of wordpress then its take a few seconds.and that install the wordpress.

after installation just go on the wp admin dashboard.or if you install on another hosting platform you need to add username and password for the installation of wordpress.

4. Select Your Theme

Now Go to WordPress Dashboard you will see appereance in the left side just go on it and select themes option.when you click on theme you will see lots of theme available on wordpress for free just select one of them and activate it.

5. Customize Theme

Once you activate the theme now back to the dashboard and click on the customize button.the customization is for customizing your site identity ,your logos,menus,categories and all the things which is given in the list.

For creating Menus for your website just click on menus and add a menu give a name for that menu and just save it.similarly you can do this for categories also.

for changing header and footer design you have option for that to change header footer on it and edit it accordingly as given.

6. Adding a Content In Your Site

Once the customization part is done you need to create some pages for your site for that go to pages section and click on add new pages.give the name of that page and in bottom write content about what you want to add.

after adding content to the site just click on publish button and publish it.

7. Installing Plugins 

After Creating a Content on your website its time to install the required plugin for your website which gives you more comfort and save your time instead of doing coding in your site.for that just go to plugin section and click on add new plugin and search the required plugin you want to install.after installation just click on activate button.


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