40 Ways To Improve SEO Ranking in 2019

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You Writing content doing sEO and waiting for results,but you upsetting why i am not getting any results??

just doing SEO and sitting at the one place and waiting for results its not soo work.

There are certain things you can do to increase your chances of getting ranked higher on Google searches.

in this article we will discussing about how to improve your SEO ranking.

1. Improve Your Page Load Time

Google Ranking Most Important Factor I Consider As The Top Is Speed Because If Your Site Speed Is Slower Than Visitors Are Not Coming Your Site They Easily Leave Your Site.​​​​

So If The Visitors Interaction Is Negative Towards Your Site It Will Hurts Your Ranking.

See How Pagespeed Is Matter In Ranking  From The Following Graph This Report Is Given By Moz Lets You See 



Hence a slow website can hurt your ranking for this improve your page loading time you can use the plugin called wprocket its a premium plugin but its increase your page loading time by minifying the html,css ,javascript files gives more speed.

after setuping the plugin check your pagespeed score by the tools gtmetrix and pagespeedinsights.

see your results on it and if anything is remaining or affect that decreasing your load time you can fix it.

If you want to come your visitors come back to your site and more engagement can happen you need to give a reasons to your visitors that why they come to your site.

For this you need to create high quality unique content that makes visitors wishes come true and visitors will  more happy whatever you written a content.

lets i show you one of my blog post comment how visitors are engaging with the content.

comment example

as you can see the user loves my content for the SEO guide here is think if you are focussing on quantity then its wrong because quantity over quality game the quality wins the game.

Now why quality because if visitors are focusing on quantity then they reading  Books and purchasing ebooks why they not doing this regularly because they need instant information which is useful.

Users  are searching content which is better.hence write high quality content if you are not able to write high quality content then you hire someone who is writing article or you can go on iwritter where you get the expert writers for writing articles.

3. Optimizing Images

Pictures Speak thousands Words.

 here is thing you uploading images on your site and it makes your blog post more beautiful with user interaction but if the images having heavy size then it takes time to load more its if its takes time to load more than user say the site is loading very slowly hence optimize your images.

for Optimizing the images you get various plugin that make you to optimize the images or if you are not on wordpress then you can compress the images before uploading on the server.

You can also use your images in keywords by naming them accordingly.

4. Divide Your Content With Header Tags

Heading are important for user experiance because they gives simplification of that topic in a breakdown manner.

if visitors visiting to your site mostly users are not reading the whole article they read just a headline and they understand that these factors are important for these particular topic.

so you should give a better heading that interact the user and its should be understandable.

Improve SEO ranking by Header Tags

Header Tags in SEO by Data Flair

5. Use Outbound Links

Outbound Links means you have to link other User for the related keywords.

this can be related to your marketing niche or something else which your niche is.

Give a Credit to the words which mostly people not understanding that makes a user complete knowledge about that words.

Dont links irrelevent site which are not be related to that topic this will consider as a negative points so google cannot rank it if you do this.

hence Use proper outbound links which helps user to gain more information from your article.

6. Add a Video Content

It’s much easier to watch something than read about it.

Creating a Content its Good but if it explained with video than its better also if your article having a deep topic then instead of adding more content link a video into that topic this make user more stable in your site.

The benefit of this the users can spend more time in your site and this will become a good signal to Google.

as i say in future video marketing can take over the content marketing because if see day to day people want more flexibility of any work and they still prefer a lazy way to do any work.

from this i think person watch video instead of reading big paragraph content.

7. Make Your Content More Readable

If you want people to visit your site and spend time there, speak in terms they can understand.

Here is thing if you check out my recent blogs i always start with you and i now why i am doing this because its make a conversation to the users are reading by content.

Mostly Users are thinking that google ranks that post which contain higher vocabulary high level words is a high quality content a BIG NO for this because if the users cannot understand the meaning of certains words its useless.

if you want to check wheather your content is readable or not you can check your content on readable.com

8. Fix Broken Links

Broken links can hurt your SEO ranking.

if you provide any related article hyperlink make sure the link should not be broken it should be active and you can Audit your website for finding the broken links.

Or else you can find it on Dead Link checker.

you can use this to check your website broken links and fix it where it may be found.

9. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google Mobile Friendly Check
Google Mobilefreindly Results

Optimizing your website for mobile is important because mostly people are using mobiles phones at gives much more amount of traffic from mobile devices.that why you need to optimize your websitefor mobiles.

as I shown above you can see my website is mobile friendly so if you want to check that your website is mobile friendly  or not?

then you check this on mobile-friendly by Google.

And its a Most important Factor for Ranking because Google is Focussing on User Experiance.

Better The User Experiance better the SEO ranking results.

10. Managing Your Website Layout Properly

When we talk about the layout of your website you need to consider the typography and fonts size of your article because its seems to be better on desktop but not rarely on mobiles devices so manage it accordingly that on both the devices it may display correctly.

If your site is having any issue then when you submit it on Google Seach Console then its display the error that something like text is tool large or image is out of the screen.

make sure your text is clean means create a space between the words.

11. Share Your Post On Social Media

Improve SEO

Google is Consistently Focusses on Social Shares because its one the factor for ranking its decide how the post is go viral how many social shares are coming to the post how is the engagement ratio of that post this kind of factors are considered in google ranking.

Whenever you published a new article always share it on Social Media platforms like Instagram ,Facebook,Linkdin it will increase your traffic.

End of the post includes social media icons for sharing your article.As a result, their SEO ranking improved as well.

12. Provide  Contact Information 

Contact info for SEO ranking

Providing Contact Information is important in Improving SEO ranking.When the User Came to your site and if they dont find your contact information page then its impact on your business.

User must be reaching out to you with no struggle it becomes a better factor for google ranking because people cannot contact you then its worst experiance to your and its will affect on bounce rate.

Once it will affect on Bounce rate then its weak signal of your website to Google.

13. Use appropriate Keywords

Keywords Graph for Improving SEO ranking

In SEO ranking Keywords play a important role because if you want to rank your website you focus on Main keyphrase but still Because of Heading Tags You rank on variable Keywords.

If your keyword Density is larger than expected than Google cannot rank your site its a bad behave because it means your are just ranking your keywords that why you writing the article.

Pick up a low compitition Keywords which are low SEO difficulty and easy to rank that makes a another source of traffic to your site.

for this long tail keywords can help you better to ranking.

14. Write amazing Title and Description that Attract Visitors

Better Title for SEO ranking

as you see the results of double your traffic in Google Search mostly visitors find the article which is fullfill there Need.

Look at the two article as i shown in image they two having amazing a fancy Titles and its get more clicks .

and when it will get more clicks then Google can ranking up there site position at the top because the more clicks you are getting on your article  better your search engine ranking.

15.Create a Short Optimize URL

URL for Ranking

Whenever you posting a article on Google before publishing a article always use short words URL because if you Put appropriate Keywords in URL with no bunking words in URL then its easier to rank in Google.

Always use this method for Improving SEO ranking. 

16. Write a Great Meta Description

Mention your keywords in meta description and write a fluent meta description which attract your users that forcely clicks on your site.

Write a Medium length meta description dont write long description.

 Keywords are conceptually related terms that search engines use to deeply understand content on a webpage is called as latent Semantic Indexing.

If you dont  use your keyword repeatadly, Google wouldn’t understand that your page was about that term.

18. Use Inforgraphics 

Infographics is helping users to understand better from a visual created topics.

Biggest Advantage from infographics is you can get tons of backlinks to your site from infographics.

you can sumbit it on pinterest and give the url of your post and that it.

you get a better amount traffic from infographics. and its help to increase your ranking.


Podcast is nothing but a conversation which is recorded in the audio file you can share your audio conversation on various platform like spotify,soundcloud.

Doing podcast can aware people about you.and it helps to generate more links.

20. Get Interviewed

When you interviewed it helps to build More links and its established relationship within your industry of marketing.

Those who have higher amount of traffic and you are interviewed its increase the chances of your daily reading blog users and its helps you to create more engagement and increase your SEO ranking.

so for this you can put this in your contact form as i putten in my contact form so the users will contact you for the interview.

21.Spy Your Compititors Social Share

Social Signal is one of the important factor in google search ranking for this you need to share your article on the social web.

spying on your compititors social media shares you can use the tool buzzsumo this tool tells you all the social share of that article which are they ranking for the term.


In Buzzsumo you can see the total engagement of that article how many backlinks they have the social share all kind of stuffs are provided in this tool.

Use this tool to increase your ranking.

22. Increase Content Length

Content Graph for ranking

Before 10 Years ago its eady to rank any content on google which is approx content length in 500 words.now Google is consistently improving there algorithm they want high quality long and deep explain which satisfy the user need this content they want.

if see the graph of number of words vs google position then the content which having more than 2000 words which are ranking higher in google position.hence write a long deep content upto 2000-3500 words for ranking your article.

23.Submit Your Website for Google News 

Google News

Google News is a news platform which is officially from Google which provides Daily Basis News to user.

When you go to Google publisher for submitting your website its takes 1-3 weeks for approval.

if you get approval on your website its rank your site without any SEO you can receive huge amount of traffic from Google News.

24.Setup Google Business

Use Google Business to listing out your business information on the google search it helps customers to find you easier.

Google business can increase your search engine visibilty to gain more  potential customers.

Either its a Local SEO but its Important to Improve SEO ranking.

25.Find Influencer To Promote Your Content

Influencers receive thousands of content promotion requests every month.

you can contanct to big pages on instagram for promoting your article. its not promote it free but it takes some charge to promote it if you dont have money to promote it just share it with your friends.

You can share it on Big audience facebook groups which are related to your niche.

Once you Done this you get a responce from this audience and its increase more engagement.

26.Minifying Your Code

Minifying code means you need to reduce your load time that makes your page load faster.

When you do this what happen is the users which are visiting your site they are not get frusted to that loading time and its not be leave to another site.

When you doing this you will get good conversion than your competitors.

you are trouble to check your code is minified or not and having better speed and performance you can check it on Gtmetrix.


as I show you the results of my website deepakpatildigital they having pagespeed score of 97% and Yslow score of 92% which is good but i try to improve it.you can check your score on this tool.they show you all the details of of your css and javascript files that you have to optimize it.

27.Join The Community Which Have Q&A

Do you know one of the most popular Q&A platform that is Quora which tell you answers regarding questions.

You can get the benefit of these you place a article on the Quora and links some article of your website in that article,

the benefit of these is you will get some traffic from these.you not get backlink from Quora because its a nofollow links.but you get good amount of traffic.how to get it?

search the most popular topic which having highly search on Quora reply to that questions with deep and step by step answers.

if you do this then your answer can be rank also in Google for that query and get  traffic.

28.Build High Quality Links

There are lots of Site which are ranking at the top of the google without creating a single Backlinks . but question come in our mind that how they get rank?

see Google Looking for Content which is High Quality and they Cover XYZ which Other cannot covered.if you article is deep and step by step Google can rank it.But if the keyword competition is too much high and you want to rank it then create a high quality content.

These Gives you Fast Ranking i am not say top google because from my experiance i see most of the site at the top they create only 10 links and the second position create 150 links that makes difference.

because they build High Quality releavent links.the site which having High DA PA which help you to improve your SEO ranking.

29.Internal Linking

Internal Linking is one the  important factor in Google ranking.its a Huge impact on ranking.literally Google crawl your page while indexing it they find more links which are internally linked that a good signal for Google to rank your website.

Internal Linking SEO ranking factor

Build Good Internal Linking not make a garbage collection of links which will negativly impact on your SEO ranking.make balanced links whenever its required.

30.Boost Your Ranking Using Google Search Console

When you log in into Google Search Console you will see all the impression and clicks getting related to query.

find the most getting clicks and impression keywords and see what can in improve it to increase my traffic.

see your position in Google ranking and you can update your content widely or you build links.

Do these step you get more clicks for that keywords.

31.Guest Posting

Guest Posting Having two benefits its makes a backlinks and second one is you get traffic from posting on another site.

Posting your article on High Authority sites which have millions of visitors a month get too much benefit to you.

Now when you do on High Authority sites you make also branding of your website.

32.Secure Your Site With SSL(HTTPS)

Google Hate spammy website which are doing wrong things and gambling persons and if your site not be secured its bad news to you and the use also.

secure your site with SSL you can purchase it or you can take this on Cloudfare. Cloudfare provides a free SSL they also have premium features i recommend you to with premium features which gives additional security if you have a budget to purchase.

User Always Prefer a Secure site either a non secure site having better selling than you not matter people first look at there safety .

33.Embed Rich Snippet

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are important factor in SEO now todays Rich Snippets can boost up your ranking because Google shows your results in the search engine in a structural manner.

When you write the post and published it then you can check your post on Google  Data Structural tool it can validate your post and tell you is any error and warnings can have or not.

if everything is ok then it validates your post and indexed on Google.it gives better ranking than other poeples due to rich snippets.

34.Update Old Content

its neccessary to update old content because your competitor can update the content which is written in 2018 now it 2019 soo they getting more clicks than you also optimize your content so that it help to increase your position in Google.

Updating Old Content can increase the chances of ranking which are not ranked before.

Write the content in a such way that the topics which are not convered in the article on your competitors side conver them all these help you to boost up your ranking.

35. Content Partnership

Content partnership is partnership between the two content producers.

why to do this?

it Helps to promote your content twicer than you expected because if your partner having 10K visitors on there blog then it might be get good traffic from them.also its established a relationship between you and them.

its help to trusting and building brand.

36. Rank for Brand Name

From my opinion building a brand keeps more weightage in ranking because its create a trust to user to doing any activity wihtin your space.

Look at the Mailchimp its a provide a email marketing solutions but do you know on Google search mailchimp is more searchable than email marketing software.

this is called as building a brand.

if people know your brand and values then its becomes a good affect on search engine ranking

37.Create a Engaging Introduction

i am not talking about elevator pitch i talking about the topic related introduction.Always start the article with some introduction because the introduction decide wheather the user stay on your site or not.

if the introduction easy funny and emotionally the user  want to read it .

Hence Create a Engaging Introduction that Converts Better and help in ranking.

38. Use Brackets in Titles

Use of Bracket can Help User to attention on your article and you getting more clicks.

Once you getting more clicks Google analyze that these article is getting more clicks than other lets ranking up the article.

39. Invest in SEO Tools

Keep Investing in SEO tools because if you want to do well In SEO industry then you need to invest.

SEO tools can easier to spy on your competitors and you can find any error in your site or it may have in difficulties these tools can help you with a suggestions.

make sure you use these tools.

40. Keep Patience

SEO is not a game of overnight its takes time.

You have to do your work consistently keep posting your articles.

After a couple of months you see your results.

Stay Focus.

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