How To Start A Blog in 2019

How to start a blog

There Are Lots of People Have Heard About the Term “Blog” but what are it and you start them. In this Article, we will discuss How to Start A Blog.before we started let understand a term blog.

1. What is Blog

a blog is you can say is a type of information or conversion content pages which are available on the internet.


another way u can say it provides a piece of valuable knowledge to people on the digital world.


2.  Choose A Niche To Start A Blog


Before you start a blog you need to decide on which niche you want to write a blog. now I have a niche about marketing so I write about marketing tips and other marketing stuffs knowledge.


So Decide your niche first which you have an interest or which you have knowledge about it. because you need to provide better and unique content to users.


3. Choose Platform

now you have decided your niche but you confuse about on which platform you need to start whether is on Blogspot or WordPress.

here I clear your confusion now that if you are a beginner and you have no knowledge about blogging just go for Blogspot. because it is a free platform provided by Google so you did not have to pay money for that.

if you have some knowledge about blogging and another platform then I suggest you go for WordPress.we will discuss this on next point.

4. Choose Your Domain Name

choosing a domain its related to your niche or it can be anything but I suggest you go for niche name.

now suppose you want to write a blog about traveling so you need to choose the name related to traveling.


Where to Choose Domain Name?

just go to type your domain name check it is available or not.


if it is available then just add to cart and go for a payment option to check out it.after purchasing a domain. select a hosting plan from GoDaddy and then install WordPress on your site.


Wordpress installation welcome Window

fill out the site title you want to show. choose a username and make sure your password must be more than eight characters to be secure your site. give your email so that you can get notification about any changes.


5. Design Your Blog

You have done WordPress installation now you need to design your blog for that, just go to appearance section and click on themes.


there are lots of free themes are available on WordPress to choose one of them and install it & activate it.


After Activating Theme if you want some customization then go to customize and make changes.


6. Write a Blog Post


For Writing a Blog Post go to posts section and click on add new will see the post title then select post title that you want to write a blog about.

For adding featured images for the post you have an option for featured image on the right side click on them.upload the image that you want to show as a featured. after completing your post just click on publish.


and go to your website and you see your post is shown on your website.its simple to do.


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