How to Do SEO On High Competition


Search Engine Optimization

if you want to search anything on google you just type a particular keyword and you got the result.

now there are tons of articles on one particular keyword so how you can visible to people?

now, today’s google cant improve your website ranking magically at the top.

new websites cannot rank easily to get thousands of visitors instantly but there is something that you need to do

there is a term like SEO(Search Engine Optimization) which helps you to increase traffic and sales.

now you thinking aah everyone doing SEO but not everyone got the results

see SEO is not rocket science that you will not understand, it requires a strategy

before 5-10 years it is easy to rank higher on google but now there is high competition

so that you need to make an SEO strategy for that Here I do is

1. Keyword Research

Now Keyword researching is a foundation of SEO. you need to choose right keywords within the niche.

I think it is important because you need the right customers and visitors to get more sales that way proper keyword researching is necessary

for that just go to a tool like ubersuggest


Keywords Suggestions

type your keywords just say I search a keyword online marketing

it will show you all the keyword suggestion their volume and SEO difficulty for that keyword.

analyze all report statistics and go ahead

2. Write High-Quality & Unique Content

most of the people are doing the same mistake that they think if I write the quantity of content they rank higher it just wrong way

think like google prospective logically we take an example if you think if you have your own search engine what you do?

normally you want to improve your search result such a way that the user gets information that contains a value of a proposition that they need

that’s the google wants hence instead of focusing on lengthy content focus on high-quality content

don’t use lots of keywords that make Google that you are writing an article for just keywords.

3. Install Yoast SEO Plugin

if you are on WordPress there is an amazing SEO plugin like Yoast SEO plugin it really helps you to maximize your search engine optimization.


Yoast Plugin

it will help you to optimize your content also it has a meta description and for your keyword, there is a section for focus keyphrase it helps to optimize the keyword visibility.

4. Build Links

Building links is the most important factor in google ranking. and now it’s getting tougher and tougher to build high-quality backlinks.

how to build these links?

go to ahrefs just type your competitor links and see how many backlinks they have for ranking at the top of Google.

Collect all the list of links that are linked to your competitor URL and email them

for linking the site URL that makes you help to increase ranking also make sure you do internal linking with your site.

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